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FAIR WORLD SPORTS is your source for Fair Trade Certified Sports balls in Canada.

A project of Y Service International, the program is run by Y Service International members in Ottawa. www.ncf.ca/yfocus/fairtrade


  • To encourage ethical purchasing by raising awareness of issues related to Fair Trade, poverty and jobs. 
  • To draw attention to the scourge of child labour and the exploitation of vulnerable groups in society.
  • To support projects with youth in development and peace building.
  • To help groups and organizations raise funds for their youth and international projects.

In buying Fair Trade certified products, you will get a high quality, long lasting sports ball, hand stitched  by workers with Talon Sports which has promised to pay them decent wages and employ no children under 15.

The manufacturer’s price for the ball includes a premium which  provides  additional health and educational benefits to the workers and their families, such as vacation pay, health plans, holidays and clean, healthy  working conditions.

Fight the scourge of Child Labour.

An estimated 400,000,000  children are forced to work or become beggars or prostitutes and are subjected to all kinds of violence, both mental and physical. They are unable to live a life of peace or have any hope for a better future. Fair Trade producers provide families with a decent income so that the children can go to school and enjoy being a child, while preparing for a future with more than one set of choices.

According to  reports, thousands of children in India and Pakistan are involved in the production of soccer balls and basic human rights are routinely neglected . Workers  in both countries are earning wages much lower than t he legal minimum. Most children are forced into labour to help their families survive. Ball stitching is often  home based family work where a middle man, acting on behalf of a sporting goods manufacturer, provides the ball pieces for in-home production. While helping their parents, many of the children miss out on their education, creating a vicious cycle of poverty and uneducated  labour. The average daily earning of an adult male in ball stitching is around 20 rupees, about one-third of the Indian minimum wage of 63 rupees. The wages of children are even lower.

When we talk about child labour, we are referring to something intolerable. Children are denied the right to be children and denied basic rights of education, recreation and health. The International Labour Organization estimates there are more than 15 000 children stitching soccer balls in Pakistan. With the negative publicity, it is now suspected that some of the industry has moved to China and elsewhere in Asia and Latin America.

What's fair about Fair Trade?

Products that carry a Fair Trade label have been certified that their manufacturing process meets certain social, economic and environmental standards.  Our sports balls carry the FairTrade Canada label which means that the manufacturer has agreed to meet the expectations of the Fair Trade Labelling Organization (FLO) and to co-operate fully with their monitoring teams when they visit.

When you buy  Fair Trade Certified Sports Balls -

  • You get top quality, hand stitched, long lasting sports balls, including soccer balls, volleyballs, beach volleyballs and rugby balls. The price is competitive with those of similar quality sold by regular sports stores.
  • The workers receive a decent wage and enjoy better than average working conditions with safe, clean conditions, vacations and benefits.
  • Fair World Sports Balls  pays a premium of  20% to the manufacturer, Talon Sports and these funds are used to support community projects such as health clinics, children’s day care and other services agreed upon by a joint committee of workers and management.
  • There are no children under 15 employed so that they can go to school and children who work, have limited hours so that schooling is unaffected. Parents receive enough income to cover daily needs for the family and the books, uniforms and school fees.
  • Soccer balls are no longer made of  leather, which helps eliminate another dangerous type of work where children are often employed. We also guarantee that soccer balls do not use  PVC which contains Chlorine, a chemical harmful to the environment when balls are discarded.

Profits will be used  for development and peace building projects such as the refurbishing of primary schools in Sierra Leone, where sports and education are important tools in building a culture of peace, as the country slowly recovers after the recent civil war.


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For more information about YSI Fair World Sports or to order sports balls, contact us at  613-225-3882 or yservice@primus.ca